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Lifted Upon My Shoulders
Lifted upon my Shoulders
Moving down the lane
Not really sure where we are going
Its pleasant all the same
We whistle along as we pass by the people
the people we pass are all people we've passed before
There isnt much more to wave or say hi
we've done it a million times
Lifted upon my Shoulders
Moving down the lane
Not really sure where we are going
Its pleasant all the same
And the city lights glint off all their eyes
off all their eyes the lights glisten so bright
perhaps we've found the light
that we missed all along.
Lifted upon my Shoulders
moving down the lane
Not really sure where we are going
Its pleasant all the same
And then we turn around, I heard a sound
and back up the hill we climb along
Lifted upon my shoulder
Gettin back up is harder then sliding back down
Especially when you are...
Lifted upon my shoulders
moving up the lane
You'd think I'd be mad, but somehow I am glad,
Dont really care where we are going
as long as together we go.
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Dream Song~Lyrics
Dream Song (For lack of a better title at this time) WIP Song Lyrics
I wish you were there with me
So many things we could share
And as I drift off to sleep wondr-in why you're not here.
I thought I called your name
Love takes many different shapes
I thought I said come along-Waltz in my Dream Song
For when you find the places your come with me to-
night Find And the
walls keep tumbalin down, keep tumbalin down
And the dark sows pain in the dark sows pain from the
day-- And the
light finds holes in the clouds finds ways to shine
Find your true love Find your true love
Find out!
Find your true love Find your true love
Find out!
For when you find my heart you
find my love-- and in
dark, light still shines
in me.
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The First Offence
The First Offense
The greatest abuse of all
is the one you cannot see
the abuse that we are taught to do to ourselves
for not being perfect like others think we should be.
No physical bruises appear on us
but rather on our kin
The ones we are supposed to look out for
get burdened by our sin.
You think that I am healthy
because I do achieve
but I'm really just running the fastest race
from the belief that I am not good enough to be.
You condemn me for being lazy
You have not eyes to see
All the emotional bruises
that are completely crippling me.
I often go out and play
and put a smile on my face
but all I do is hide the pain
Hoping blindly for Gods Graze
But wait, we will always deny it
if you tell us of the truth
We have forced ourselves to forget
of what wounded us in our youth.
And if I had eyes to see
and hearts and souls to feel
how could I condemn them
for the level of fault they wield
But Rather, look into your own heart
and don't shirk from what you see
oft times I have found
:iconedvardc:EdvardC 1 0
Gazing into the distance by EdvardC Gazing into the distance :iconedvardc:EdvardC 1 3
Lonely Moon
Lonely Moon
Music and Lyrics by Ryan Cox
Quiet reminding and speechlessly talking
Finds my sad heart within the dark night
Petals of flowers have closed with the day
Silence is still: Darkness is Cold
Shapeless, unfeeling night
Drawn its veil ov'r the earth
Left the homeless to sorrow and gloom
Under the Lonely Moon.
Pityless strangers pass by
None lift finger to try
I must rely on a Lonely Moon
To know of the tears I cry.
Quietly striving and brazenly trying
Finds my sad heart within the dark night
listening, listening to my words.
Moonlight covers the ground
Little warmth can be found
The Sun has left her; his Lonely Moon
And he sails through day away from his dearest, loveliest, prettiest, most beautiful, Lonely Moon.
Whisper on Lonely Moon
Light will comfort me too
Know thy lover's gone shortly away
You won't always be a Lonely Moon
© 2015 Ryan Cox/Orange Elephant Studios
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Jedi Cronicles- The Legends of Ada-Jinjin
~~~~~~Jedi Cronicles- The Legend of Ada-Jinjin~~~~~~
Written by Ryan Cox
February 2013
Note: This story is set in a alternate universe of the Jedi based during the beginning of the Sith Invasion in Knights of the Old Republic (Online). In this version, the war started, but then galactic communication was destroyed. To add to that fact, Jedi and Sith alike began disappearing. Darkness and confusion settles and worlds go into darkness. The War is at a stalemate as both sides strive to figure out what is killing them.
Setting: A Quiet Bar in the wastelands of Taris. A man (Man 2) joins another man (Man 1) at the counter. They wait until the waitress goes to the corner to serve a new arrival before talking in hushed voices.
Man 1- (calm, in control of his environment) “Did you find out anything?”
Man 2 (sweating, looking around in fear) “Yes...Yes. H h he was there two days ago, b.b.bbbut I followed him and hhe turned into something...”
Man 1 “Calm d
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Task Generator Results #1  (GREGA v1.0) by EdvardC by EdvardC Task Generator Results #1 (GREGA v1.0) by EdvardC :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 0 Class Chart by EdvardC Class Chart :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 4 Sunset by EdvardC Sunset :iconedvardc:EdvardC 1 2 Master Ramus by EdvardC Master Ramus :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 0 On The Streets Of New York by EdvardC On The Streets Of New York :iconedvardc:EdvardC 2 0 New York Window 2 by EdvardC New York Window 2 :iconedvardc:EdvardC 1 0 Lich Aspect by EdvardC Lich Aspect :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 0 Weakened Lich by EdvardC Weakened Lich :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 0 Undead to the Wall! by EdvardC Undead to the Wall! :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 1 Orange Elephant by EdvardC Orange Elephant :iconedvardc:EdvardC 0 0


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